Extreme Motorbikers

Extreme Motorbikers 1.33

A new type of racing game


  • Fresh racing idea
  • Detailed scenery
  • 3 different curcuits


  • Hard to get the hang of


Extreme Motorbikers is a racing game unlike any you've ever seen before.

In Extreme Motorbikers, you'll have to contend with a radical, treacherous race track, where you can easily fall to your death from the roads, which soar into the sky. They're also full of obstacles and problems, meaning you'll have to avoid barrels that could knock you into the abyss or even explode. Add that to the fact that your fellow racers aren't adverse to a few low blows, and you've got your work cut out.

Extreme Motorbikers works more or less like Formula 1 and is divided in stages. At the start, you'll have access to the Summer Cup. There are also two other stages, fall and winter, which will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

Bikes and Controls

Don't expect any superbikes when you're playing Extreme Motorbikers. The model you start out with is pretty basic. As you progress, you'll get better, more powerful bikes, but the focus here isn't really your vehicle - it's the barren, jaw-dropping tracks.

As well as basic direction and speed controls, Extreme Motorbikers has various shortcuts on offer - and you're going to need them. The drivers in Extreme Motorbikers play dirty and the only way you're going to get through is by using some slick moves to throw them off.

If you love racing games and are craving a bit of real action, Extreme Motorbikers should definitely be your next move.

Extreme Motorbikers


Extreme Motorbikers 1.33

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